Sell More Bednights. Efficiently.

SafariDesk Bookings is a mobile-friendly system designed to help hoteliers manage their operations efficiently while connecting them to more buyers and guests directly.

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For hoteliers looking to grow their business predictably

SafariDesk Bookings is an integrated and cost-effective Operations and Distribution management solution. Help your hotel and brand grow more profitably while providing guests with the ultimate experience.

Boost Productivity. Everywhere

Easily automate, manage and monitor your day-to-day operations.

Save more time and money to grow your business sustainably.

(Screenshot: Basic Reservations Dashboard)

Work freely. From anywhere.

Computer, laptop, tablet or smart-phone; it all just works.

An Internet connected device is all you need to run your business now, no matter where you are.

Adopt great technology. Easily

If you already know how to use Facebook and Email, you already know how to use SafariDesk Bookings.

And we bet your team does too.

With us, you don't need to be an I.T expert to have great technology working for you, constantly.

(Screenshot: System Setup Page)

Reach more Clients. Globally

Today, more and more of your buyers and guests are online

We help them find you, quickly and cost-effectively.

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